You deserve a sense of clarity in your time and space!  The first step is to get help.

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about what it’s like to work with Organized Appeal.

What is a session like?  How can I be sure it will help me?

Each project begins with a no-obligation phone conversation that helps us assess the best way we can work together.

Like many organizers, I take a hands-on organization approach, working with you to assess the area, identify solutions, clear and organize space and then create a system to maintain it.  This generally requires that we do a bit of talking before we dive in to sorting or handling your stuff.

Part of each project involves creating a system that works for you and the way you live, as well as providing a way to help you keep up with it.  The project’s success depends not only on your commitment to maintain the systems we create together, but in setting up a system that matches your work/learning/visual style in the first place!

I am always available to return for periodic maintenance or to re-evaluate a space if your situation changes.

How long will it take to fix my organization problems?

The length of your project will depend primarily on your goals, which we try to outline when we start working together.   Do you want to address a small area for a quick fix or do you want to attack the whole house for long-term changes?

If we are working together to change a system or process that hasn’t been working for you, it will depend on the amount of clutter and/or paper that has built up and how quickly you can make decisions.

After our first meeting I generally suggest that we schedule one 3-hour session at a time.

How much will it cost to get organized?

The cost is dependent upon how much work we do together, and any products purchased to help you meet your goals.

Before we decide to work together I’ll visit your space for an intake consultation and will assemble a plan for your project.  I charge a nominal fee for my intake visit, and an hourly rate for the sessions that we book together.  Sessions are scheduled in blocks of three hours.

Do I have to purchase any special supplies or systems?

Since we’re trying to prevent more “stuff” from entering the space, my policy is to always try to work with organizing products and supplies you have on hand before suggesting the purchase of additional products.  It’s not always necessary to invest in expensive installations or products; usually we can address your needs by using items you already have, just in a different way.

There may be times when it is necessary to implement a solution that requires the purchase of some storage systems or shelving systems that will allow you to maintain organization more easily.  I’ll make recommendations, and you can choose for yourself what fits your budget.

What are you waiting for?  Contact me today.