Getting Help

An organizer or productivity consultant will guide, encourage and educate about organizing systems while offering support and direction.

Hiring an organizer or productivity consultant to help you find clarity in your home, workplace or with your everyday life, is similar to hiring an expert to care for your furnace or a dentist to care for your teeth.  You may brush everyday, and flush the furnace regularly, but the annual cleaning by a professional is necessary to remove what you simply can not.

flowers-desk-office-vintageWhether you’re working in a home office that’s stifling your productivity, or having a hard time finding the living room under piles of toys and magazines, sometimes it takes an outside force to kick start the transformation of your space or the management of your time. See the FAQs to get an idea of how we’ll work together.


Together, we can make a plan for:

  • Staging homes for sale
  • Preparing for a downsize or family expansion, or unpacking in a new home
  • Designing storage solutions for crafts, sporting goods, paper clutter and electronic clutter, etc.
  • Addressing systems for life in the garage, laundry area, kitchen, bedrooms, baths or home offices and child friendly spaces
  • Donation or sale of your unwanted items, and/or long-term storage of heirlooms and important documents
  • Setting up systems to maintain a clutter free mind and a clutter free home.