Gretchen Knight

As an organizer and productivity consultant, I help clients find clarity amid cluttered spaces so they may find clarity in life.  In my practice clients are encouraged to stick with what works and change what doesn’t.

Your learning style and emotional well-being have everything to do with how you work through clutter; so we’ll often start there if the project calls for it.

I’ve been organizing all my life, but my practice of helping others started in the winter of 2006.  My background in marketing and event management for private sector and non-profit organizations helps me to identify with a variety of organizing styles.

My experiences with clients have included everything from beginning the process of downsizing from a private home to a senior living community, to maximizing small home spaces for a growing family; from finding a dining room under piles of paper and toys to setting up a home office system to work both for husband and wife.

I look forward to helping you overcome your organizing challenges so that your space, or your schedule, is manageable and enjoyable.

Yours with Organized Appeal,
Gretchen Knight


NAPO Specialist Certificate – Residential Organizing issued by NAPO to Gretchen Knight

I have been a long-time member of NAPO, the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals. I base my practices on the NAPO Code of Ethics. Continuing education through the association is a valuable part of my membership that benefits both me and my clients.